Modern Influencer Marketing


How It Works


Liquid Social's incentivized content delivery platform is one of several Liquid Social products.

Identify, Activate, Scale, and Measure

Liquid Social’s backend platform for advertisers provides you with everything you need to achieve your campaign goals.

  • Identify: Source demographic data, sort through categories, and peek past campaigns to determine the right partners for the right campaign.

  • Activate: With one click activations, you can send an offer and brief as if you were ordering a taco on Seamless. We’ll work directly with you on higher touch campaigns.

  • Scale: Wow! An influencer nailed the creative, and it’s converting like crazy. We’ll help you get in front of more people through paid advertising support on the platforms.

  • Measure: Bossman/Bosslady needs to know where all of that budget is going. Our platform pulls campaign data from various sources, and parses the results in simple reports.

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